Advice, assistance
& training
for hotel security

Nelson Marin

Certified Security Management Advisor

Certifications Achieved

Certified Protection Professional
Senior Security Manager
Certified Lodging Security Director
Director de Seguridad

Focus Areas

Risk Reduction for Guest and Associates
Safeguarding of Company Assets
Regulatory Compliance
Crisis Preparation & Management Plans

Ad Hoc Support

Specific Activities


Adequacy check of the status quo


Punctual risk analysis


Identification of reduction and contrast strategies


Technologies & systems adoption and management


Support for selection and training


Definition of rules and procedures


Implementation of the security committee


Suppliers and institutions relationship management

Hotel Security News

"The managers of hotels and all other accommodation facilities, within 24 hours of arrival, must communicate to the territorially competent police headquarters, exclusively through the Accommodation Service, the details of the people housed. If the stay is less than 24 hours, the details must be sent upon arrival (Ref. C.1,2 art.109 T.U.L.P.S. - art. 1.2 D.M. 07/01/2013)".

"Radioelectric equipment for free use pursuant to Article 105 of the Code may be intended for the services indicated by the same, without administrative and / or contributory obligations on the part of the owner. Thus, for the CB city band communications equipment and the PMR 446 equipment, there are no obligations or the payment of contributions as a result of the decree law 16 July 2020, n. 76 (so-called simplification decree)". 

Lead Hotel Security Advisor

Nelson Marin
Via Paruta, 29
35126 Padova (Italia) 


Advice, Assistance & Training
for Hotel Security Internationally

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